Student Support Service

FNMI Liaison Role ted Responsibilities:
• Meet with students individually, as a group during school hours to support their social and academic needs. Provide tutorial assistance and work/study habits/skills when needed.

• Seek to establish and maintain a trusting relationship with FNMI students and their families to assist with school-related issues.

• Improve communication and increase engagement between students, parents, communities, agencies, and schools using various methods.

• Increase the knowledge and understanding of FNMI History, Governance, Treaty and Aboriginal rights, cultures, languages and traditions to staff and students via lesson plans, events, professional development, ceremony and other methods as needed. Facilitate the organization of school-community cultural activities and elder involvement.

• Assist in providing referral services for FNMI students and families to appropriate agencies.

• Provide personal counseling services to students in conjunction and consultation with Student Services Staff.

• Provide career and post secondary counseling services to students in conjunction and consultation with Division Career Counselling Staff.

• Facilitate orientation and support for the transition of FNMI students new to the school.

• Facilitate parental involvement in school activities.